Paintball Games

Daily paintball games will be organized for guests of the resort. All protective gear, guns, and paintballs will be provided.

Paintball Arena
Zion Ponderosa Ranch is a 10,000-acre ranch on the east rim of Zion National Park. The ranch is covered with lush vegetation including ponderosa pine, pinion pine, wild oak, sage, and juniper. The rolling hills and thick underbrush make the ranch an ideal location for the guerilla type warfare that reigns supreme in paintball games. Guests will feel heart-thumping excitement as they walk into an ambush or crossfire.

Capture the Flag
This game begins by dividing guests into two teams and designating one flag for each team. A few members of each team guard the flags while other members begin a forward advance. Any player who receives a direct hit with a paintball is out of the game. Victory is decided when one team captures the other team's flag, or when all members of a team are out.

This 90's version, sci-fi game pits a single "mutant" against the rest of the players. When the mutant hits a player, the player becomes a mutant. The mutants must be hit twice to be out of the game. Unlike most feel good movies, the mutant usually win this game.


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